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Charles E. Ares

University of Arizona Law,
class of 1952

State Bar of Arizona
member since 1953

Charles Edgar Ares was born September 11, 1926, in Tucson, Arizona.  His Father, Albert Frederick Ares, was a cotton farmer in Marana.  The family later farmed in the Flowing Wells area of Tucson, at Continental, and in Elfrida, where they worked on the Grizzle apple orchard.

Ares attended elementary schools in Southern Arizona.  He graduated from Tucson High School and joined the navy in 1944, when he was seventeen years old.  In 1946, after two-and-a-half years in the navy, Ares enrolled at the University of Arizona where he majored in political science, and in 1949 became a student in the College of Law.  He received his J.D. in 1952.

Upon graduation from law school, Ares spent a year as law clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice  William O. Douglas. He then returned to Tucson and entered private practice, first with Harry Ackerman and then with Morris and Stewart Udall. For the first three years he was also Deputy County Attorney. 

In 1961 Ares joined the  New York University law faculty, returning to Tucson in 1966 to become Dean of the University of Arizona College of Law. After seven years he stepped down from the position of dean to become a full-time law professor.



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