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James P. Boyle, Jr.

University of Arizona Law,
class of 1938

State Bar of Arizona
member since 1938

Featured Case:
Verde Valley School v. County of Yavapai
90 Ariz. 180 (1961) 367 P.2d 223

Prescott attorney, James P. Boyle, Jr., was. born in 1913. His family moved in 1915 to Douglas, Ariz., where his father undertook legal representation of the Phelps Dodge Corp. James earned his J.D. degree from University of Arizona in 1938. He began his legal career at his father’s firm in Tucson. He later worked in Washington, DC, for the Works Projects Administration. Boyle served in the Army during World War II, achieving the rank of Captain and ultimately Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserve. In 1950, he established the Prescott firm now called Boyle, Pecharich, Cline and Whittington. In 1958, he was elected the Yavapai County Attorney. Mr. Boyle helped form the Yavapai County Humane Society; organized the Yavapai Hospital District; was elected to the State Bar Board of Governors; and was appointed to the state’s first Commission on Appellate Court Appointments, nominating Justice Sandra Day O’Connor to her first judgeship. (excerpt source - Arizona Attorney June 2003

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