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Carl D. Hammond

CSU Bakersfield Law,
class of 1930

State Bar of Arizona
member since 1930

Featured Case
Mullen v. Gross
84 Ariz. 207 (1958) 326 P.2d 33

Carl Hammond was born in Pender, Nebraska on September 27, 1898. His family moved to Oklahoma when he was three after his father won a 160-acre in a drawing. He stayed in Oklahoma through high school and started work with Pulaski Oil Company running a water pump. He worked in oil field jobs from Oklahoma to Texas and then in California. It was in Bakersfield, California that he enrolled in Lincoln College of Law graduating in 1929. It was a request of an Arizona attorney to the then Oatman Sheriff Jasper Brewer that led to Carl Hammond’s 48 years of practice in Arizona. Sheriff Brewer had to go to Bakersfield to recover some stolen mining equipment and local attorney, L.L. Wallace, Sr., asked the Sheriff to check at the college and see if anyone was available to come work in Kingman, Arizona. Carl Hammond was admitted to the State Bar of Arizona in 1930 and continued his legal work in Arizona over four decades. He was elected and served eleven terms as the Mohave County attorney – 22 years. 
(Kingman Daily Miner 5/23/1978)

Interview Transcript

Interviewed by Lee Bruno in 1992.

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