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Harry A. Stewart, Jr.

University of Arizona Law,
class of 1948

State Bar of Arizona
member since 1948

Harry A. Stewart, Jr. was born in Tempe, Arizona February 14, 1926. Spending his earliest years in Prescott, Harry moved by to Maricopa County when he was five or six. He called Phoenix home from then until 1943 when he entered the armed services.  He entered the naval training program, going to a small college in Kansas City for two semesters before being transferred to the Naval Reserve Officers’ Training Corps unit at University of California, Los Angeles. He received his degree and commission in 1945. Following the war, he was assigned as head of the Motor Vehicle Department for  the Eighth Naval District in New Orleans.  After his time of service, he came back to Arizona and farmed for two years before enrolling in the University of Arizona Law School and graduating in 1950. He began his legal career with two of his uncles, William A. Moeur and J.H. Moeur in Phoenix.

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Interviewed by David Duncan in 1991.

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