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Earl E. Weeks

University of Arizona Law,
class of 1952

State Bar of Arizona
member since 1952

Earl Weeks was born in Omaha, Nebraska, in June 1923. He was raised in Omaha and graduated from Omaha Technical High School and started the University of Omaha in the fall of 1941. As a result of Pearl Harbor and several other changes in his life he moved to Arizona in January of 1942, never having completed the semester at the University of Omaha. Earl was employed by Western Electric in the installation of telephone equipment in the spring of 1942 in Phoenix and remained so employed until the fall of 1942 when he entered Phoenix Junior College. His education was interrupted when he was drafted into the service in January of 1943 and served for three years. After the service he got married in May of 1946 and decided he should go back to school. He started back in the fall of 1946 at Phoenix and spent a full year there before going down to Tucson, where he continued a pre-law education.  He got his business degree and then went on to law school, graduating from the U. of A. Law [University of Arizona] in 1952. His legal career spanned over four decades working: with Attorney General’s office; with the Corporation Commission; as a law clerk with the Arizona Supreme Court; and, in private practice with the law firms Stockton & Karam and with Kramer, Roche, & Perry.

Interview Transcript

Interviewed by Pablo Jusem in 1992.

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